Welcome to my carrd!
My name is Chris (im also fine with any of my kin names, or you can call me Sugars!)
Here you can find things like:
-my kins
-social media
-and a lil info abt me!

note: i see kinning as more of a past life thing that i cannot chose. i have some unlisted as well!
bold italic - these are literally me, ive probably kinned them since i first found out abt kinning
italic - these are my strongest, theyre still me but i dont have as strong of shifts or memories or just may not be in a shift for them as much (more like v strong ids than kins)
bold - stronger than non-bold and non-italics, but not as strong as bold, bold italics, or italics. more of an id or kins that i vary rarely have shifts for

kenny (the walking dead game)
omid (the walking dead game)
widowmaker (overwatch)
mc (mystic messenger)
zen (mystic messenger)
c3po (star wars)
po (star wars)
han solo (star wars)
akechi goro (persona 5)
ryuji sakamoto (persona 5)
yosuke hanamura (persona 4)
jun kurosu (persona 2)
fujimoto (ponyo)
arrietty (the secret world of arrietty)
kuranosuke koibuchi (princess jellyfish)
patrick star (spongebob)
spencer (icarly)
jeremy (be more chill)
chloe price (life is strange)
warren graham (life is strange)
heather chandler (heathers)
veronica sawyer (heathers)
connor murphy (dear evan hansen)
elsa (frozen)
link (legend of zelda)
elizabeth swan (pirates of the carribean)
jack sparrow (pirates of the carribean)
princess peach (mario)
beast (beauty and the beast)
pocahontas (pocahontas)
seto kosuke (kagerou project)
peter pevensie (narnia)
yang xiao long (rwby)
jaune arc (rwby)
ozpin (rwby)
ozma (rwby)
oscar (rwby)
weiss (rwby)
clover (rwby)
jean valjean (les miserables)
elphaba (wicked)
tamaki suoh (ouran high school host club)
steve rogers (mcu)
peter parker (mcu) ?
loki odinson (mcu)
black widow (mcu)
pepper potts (mcu)
phone guy (five nights at freddy's)
evie frye (assassins creed: syndicate)
maxwell roth (assassins creed: syndicate)
louis (the walking dead game)
violet (the walking dead game)
cinderella (cinderella)
aurora (sleeping beauty)
chloe decker (lucifer)
mazikeen (lucifer)(edited)
shinya hiragi (owari no seraph)
leorio (hunter x hunter)
dave strider (homestuck)
gamzee (homestuck)
eridan (homestuck)
alice angel (bendy and the ink machine)

cronus (homestuck)
ariel (the little mermaid)
barbie (barbie)
raven (ever after high)
alistair wonderland (ever after high)
alice (alice in wonderland live action)
rapunzel (tangled)
spirit (spirit: stallion of the cimmarron)
graystripe (warrior cats)
mapleshade (warrior cats)
gray wing (warrior cats)
tigerheart (warrior cats)
mettaton (undertale)
papyrus (undertale)
homura (madoka magica)
hitomi (madoka magica)
nozomi (love live!)
mari (love live! sunshine!!)
james (pokemon)
lysander (pokemon)
snorlax (pokemon)
rapidash (pokemon)
ron weasley (harry potter)
draco malfoy (harry potter)
sirius black (harry potter)
jacob kowalski (fantastic beasts)
tharja (fire emblem: awakening)
noir (fire emblem: awakening)
camilla (fire emblem: fates)
silus (fire emblem: fates)
jacob (fire emblem: fates)
bella swan (twilight)
rarity (my little pony)
casper (my little pony: the movie)
sokka (avatar: the last airbender)
mako (the legend of korra)
bolin (the legend of korra)
kokichi ouma (danganronpa v3)
rantaro amami (danganronpa v3)
miu iruma (danganronpa v3)
tsumugi shirogane (danganronpa v3)
tsumiki mikan (danganronpa 2)
nagito komaeda (danganronpa 2)
kazuichi souda (danganronpa 2)
toko fukawa (danganronpa)
gavin reed (dbh)
all might (bnha)
raven roth (titans)
jason todd (titans/dcu)
john marston (rdr2)
dutch van der linde (rdr2)
sadie addler (rdr2)
penelopea braithwaight (rdr2)
alan grant (jurrasic park films)
owen grady (jurrasic world films)
gwen (camp camp)
jessie (toy story)
bo peep (toy story)
nala (lion king)
kiara (lion king)
pumba (lion king)
purple tallest (invader zim)
professor membrane (invader zim)
mulan (mulan)
joey drew (bendy and the ink machine)

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-19 years old
-any pronouns are fine! (although i do prefer he/him pronouns if you don't know me personally)
-INFJ, True Neutral, Aquarius